We take stunning photos and breathtaking video from the sky.

That's pretty much it, really. Whether it's a beautiful property showcase over a gorgeous landscape or one of those events of a lifetime we can capture it all. How about some scene in the most important film of the year? Maybe a bird's-eye view of something no one has ever seen before or in a hard to reach location? Perhaps even as support in an operation for James Bond or something else that we haven't even thought of yet, you name it and we'll fly it.

Operation ceiling: 2 - 200m (< 650ft)
Cruising distance: 1.000m
Cruising speed: 5-50kph
Endurance: 7min
Flight sensors: gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer
Autopilot sensors: barometric pressure, GPS
Radio frequency: 2.4G (control), 5.8G (video downlink)

Our seasoned photographers have been marinated in experience and generously sprinkled with an impressive portfolio. We go beyond point-and-click by properly framing the situation, setting up the camera, finding the right methods and advising you on angle, composition, timing, photographic technique and other critical elements.

Client-selected photos will then go through a professional editing process. This is definitely not simple and certainly not something that is going to be found on Instagram. We take RAW photos and then carefully color-correct and balance the exposure to our standard or the clients preferred style.

Our services include all RAW files and edited photos of your choice. We charge by photo spot with virtually unlimited photos taken per-spot. Services are also available for daily rates.

If you have seen shaky news footage from a helicopter with a reporter screaming from inside you will appreciate our image stabilizer system. Our camera mounts are compensated by multiple gyros and physically cradled by a specialised vibration dampener. The resulting footage is smoother than silk, as if the camera is floating in air... Magically...
wait... it actually is!
And if that is still not enough, we can also digitally stabilize the footage during the editing process.

Our services include rough-cut footage and digital stabilizing. We can convert it to any format you might need or send it to a boutique post-production facility for complete tailored editing, color correction and the addition of music, graphics and sound.
It just so happens, our highly trained in-house technical team can do this too!

Try to imagine a wide panoramic picture that lets your viewer really see and understand the location or subject. Now picture a 360 degree panorama that the viewer can actually manually manipulate to pan around the area in order to create a truly immersive experience. This type of presentation can really take them there.
Now how about a 360 degree interactive panoramic video?

If the idea has made you curious, our portfolio should really get your attention.

Our services include a code generator and a web server to actually host the script and panoramic image for you. This will allow you to easily embed it in your website without adding extra stress to your server.

Aerial Photography

per photo-spot
unlimited number of shots
up to 3 fully edited photos of your choice
Aerial 360 Panorama
per spot
include stitching and editing

Basic Aerial Video

per-day (up to 8hrs of standby time)
shot using GoPro camera
half-day price available upon request
Advanced Aerial Video

per-day (up to 8hrs of standby time)
shot using Inspire camera
half-day price available upon request
Professional Aerial Video

per-day (up to 8hrs of standby time)
shot using Sony Nex camera
half-day price available upon request

Scene-base Video Package

basic shooting up to 8 scenes
approx. 3min of edited video
including 1 revision-session
+Additional Scene

+Basic Aerial Video

360-Panorama and Virtual Tour

up to 5 spots of panorama
HDR with bracketed-shot
including basic virtual tour programming
+Additional spot

+Aerial Panorama

Gone to where no camera has gone before

Okay, not really. But it's true that we can get you those images you've always wanted from the unique point of view you've always imagined. Below are some samples of the work we have done. If it tickles your fancy and spurs your imagination then we need to talk more!

You can also go to our showcase for most recent works (and a bit of eye candy).

Take away the fancy equipment and who are we?

We are photographers, film makers, flight enthusiasts, inventors, tinkerers, artists, designers, editors, marketers and multi-talented businessmen. Generally those cool geeks at the party with an unabated passion. We want to do something that is both thrilling and challenging in order to accomplish something great! We will surpass your expectations.

Fortunately, we do have pretty fancy equipment. We are flying various UAS, which in essence, are remotely operated aircraft on steroids.

We are not flying the typical RC model you see in a club. All of our flying platforms are beefed up with on-board autopilot, sporting camera stabilization, fail-safe control and automatic return-to-home function as well as other features. Our aircraft can fly at very low altitude and in tight spaces where it would be challenging, if not prohibited, for a full-size aircraft to operate. All the while, we can maintain the capability to fly at high enough altitude where it is ideal for aerial photography.

15-inch class hexacopter, 3-axis brushless mount
Sony Nex-7 (21 megapixel)

For the ultimate stability in aerial video

12-inch class hexacopter, 2-axis mount
Sony Nex-7 (21 megapixel)
Canon 550D DSLR (16 megapixel)
360 Panorama with GoPro Hero3

For panorama and still photo

10-inch class quadcopter, 2-axis mount
GoPro Hero3

For tight-space and aggressive flying

Bali-based aerial imaging service.

If you have an interesting project involving the need for a flying camera, then why don't you give us a call and make an enquiry.

Send us email using the form below. If you would rather meet us in person, our address is to the right. Give us a call, drop us email or surprise us with a cake. Either way we are happy to hear from you!